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How to open ap online center | aponline franchisee

Starting/Opening an AP Online Bill Payment Center will be a good option for those who have an internet café or other such outlet, and those who want to find a stable source of income.

APOnline is the venture between government of Andhra Pradesh and TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) for providing online bill payment facility. Centers having AP Online Franchisee can accept bills for utilities such as electricity, water bills, telephone bills, municipal bills, sales tax bills, and others. When eligibility criteria are met, anyone can take the franchisee of APOnline. They can make some amount of money per bill generated through their channels.

For owning a registered APOnline Bill Payment collection center, one has to take the franchisee from the authorities. Applying for the franchisee of AP Online Bill Collection Center is not a difficult thing, but one should know the correct procedure to apply.

  • Go to www. which is an official website of AP Online.
  • Click on the link ‘Apply for AP Online Franchisee’.
  • Two options will be seen in the upcoming page:
    • New SDP Registration Form
    • Check Status
    • If you are applying for the first time, click on New SDP Registration Form and send the request.
    • At least 15 days will be taken for the verification and processing of the application. In the mean time, one can check the status of their application.

Once the application is processed, the authorities will let the franchisees to know the further procedure. They will be providing special secured payment processing software which has to be installed in the computer. Printing papers are provided by AP Online which is having the emblem of AP Online so that it can serve as proof of receipt for payment.

Update: For contacting the officials, follow this link:

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